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The Benefits of Reflexology for Your Health


Reflexology, also referred to as foot reflexology, is a different treatment that involves applying gentle pressure to different areas on the hands and feet. This is usually performed without the use oil or lotion. However, some who practice reflexology claim that certain oils are used to increase the effects of the massage. These people also feel that the massage helps fight certain illnesses. Research has shown that reflexology is beneficial for almost every aspect of a person's life.

One of the ways that foot reflexology therapy is believed to help individuals deal stress is through its ability to decrease stress hormones in the body. According to research cortisol, a hormone that is produced by stress, can trigger the heartbeat to be at a higher rate and become stronger. To relieve stress and help relax the client the massage therapist will apply pressure on the feet, legs and arms. Some therapists who utilize this method claim that a client will be less stressed because the massage will ease their muscles and allow them to move more easily.

The use of foot reflexology can help with various ailments. It triggers a healing response. In reflexology, 대전출장안마 there's an easy, yet relaxing massage that is administered to the afflicted areas. This means that parts of the skin which could feel painful will be free of this pain. This is what is called a healing response.

Reflexology uses pressure on certain pressure points to stimulate the nerves. The foot is among the most frequently used pressure points. Reflexology is usually performed on the patient's back. However, it is also employed when the patient is sitting up. Many people who do not have a preference between lying down or standing while receiving a foot massage feel a great deal of relief after getting a foot massage.

A massage using reflexology can help people feel more relaxed and ease tension in their muscles and joints. A good reflexology massage can help to relax the mind as well as the body. This can help people relax and 대전출장 improve their mental health. This can make them feel refreshed and ready to go on their day with more energy than they normally have. Some have reported experiencing feelings of happiness after receiving a reflexology massage.

The massage therapist can increase blood flow to the area which has been treated in addition to the relaxing effects of reflexology. The increased blood flow could aid in relieving some of the pain caused by conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis. Some even say that reflexology massages can ease the pain of headaches, menstrual cramps and joint pain, and other health conditions that are common.

Reflexology also increases energy levels. Regular treatments with reflexology can make people feel more energized and better. The improved energy level can make it easier for them to finish their everyday tasks without getting tired or angry. This makes them more alert and quicker to any problems they might encounter in their daily lives.

Additionally, reflexology has other benefits that include relieving back pain, reducing stress, improving mobility of joints and flexibility of muscles. In addition to these benefits, reflexology has also been proved to increase blood flow to the skin and increase lymphatic drainage. Increased circulation is beneficial to the immune system and may help to fight against infections that could be harmful if left untreated. Reflexology could be a great alternative for you if suffer from chronic back pain or headaches, and also muscle or joint tension or stress, anxiety, or other signs.


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